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Tank Exporter

A tool to export Tanks from World of Tanks.

This is an ongoing project by me.. Coffee_

If you need to convert the FBX exported from Tank Exporter to a later version, you can use Autodesk's free FBX converter.

You can download it here: Or if you can not down load it from there... the 64 and 32 bit versions are located here:

Stahlhelm-TV Has found a bug in the G45_G_Tiger Gun_01 crash model. (TY!)

I have let Wargaming know but they will probably ignore it.
I created a fix for this but it takes a little effort to use it.
Read this Issue thread to get the fix and how to use it.

Version 125:

Fixed Hetzer and Stug 40 not loading. Maybe others with missing turret entries.

Version 124:

Fixed Issue with not loading tanks with many turret styles.

Version 123:

Fixed Issue connecting to the API server.

Version 122:

Fixed most of the issues with finding _skin take data.

Version 121:

Fixed an issue with blacked out normal maps that were converted during FBX export. The alpha is now 1.0 unless it stores masking values.

Version 120:

WG moved the location of the tank detail textures. This screwed up lighting. I finally fixed it.

Version 119:

I fixed a bug that silently stopped exporting to the res_mods folder on some tanks

Version 118:

This adds the ability to stop loading decals.
This can help with load speeds but will make the terrain look bad.
Updated the way you load _skin tanks.
Slight improvment to terrain rendering.

Version 117:

Bug fixes and better lighting of stand alone primitives.

Version 116:

Fixed a bug with TE loading from the _Skins folder if it exist.
Added check box to load from _Skins if it exist.

Version 115:

This fixes the problems caused by wargaming splitting the gui.pkg in to 2 separate files. gui-part1.pkg and gui-part2.pkg

Version 114:

This release fixes more issues with dumping all tanks as FBX.

Version 113:

This release fixes some issues with dumping all tanks as FBX.
This also adds the ability to dump the crashed tanks.

Version 112:

This fixes issues bad tags in XML files Tank Exporter decompresses.

Version 111:

Fixed a bug that affected hiding and showing UVs of tanks with GUN in their name.
Added "Dump All Tanks as FBX" to the file menu. This will export all tanks Tank Export has found as FBX files. Be careful where you set the path!!

Version 110:

Fixed a bug that affected writing WOTMOD files of German Tanks.
TE was creating the wrong path the the tanks script XML file.

Version 109:

Fixed the toLinear_fragment shader so shadow preview shows the depth texture correctly.
Added code to stop TE from crashing if windows or some other app, deleted the decals folder. Now it will tell you it needs to delete the contents of the wot_temp folder and restart.

Version 108:

Fixed a issue with saving FBX files that have a "/" in their name.
Fixed an issue with the FBX not showing after importing it.
Tweaked the Shadows a little to fix the peter panning.

Version 107:

I added "Tanks Description" to the right click load context menu.
Fixed the name of the tanks that had / showing up in their names.

Version 106:

This fixes an indexing issue when a tank has more guns than storage I had allocated in Tank Exporter. I upped this to 64 slots. More than should ever be needed.

Version 105:

Once again WG has broken a major part of Tank Exporter. We are no longer allowed to use the simple coloronly, normalmap and normalmap_specmap fx shaders within the visual files.
Any model that is added to an existing model must now use the PBS_tank or PBS_tank_skinned fx shaders.
I added dummy GMM and AO texture maps that will be copied to the tanks root folder. Adding a new model to the turret for example is much the same as before. You will need to assign textures to the new models, add "turret" to the new models name and export them as FBX from 3DS or Blender.
I also fixed the bug with starting WOT from within Tank Exporter. It became broken when they added 32 and 64 bit versions of the game.

Version 104:

Fix a bug with Tank Exporter asking to set the res_mods over and over.

Version 103:

Fixed a new bug created by Wargaming changing the tank xml files AGAIN!!!!

Version 102:

Added checkbox to disable exporting the bend bone markers.
You will need to check this if you do not want them exported.

Version 101:

I reverted back to a 32bit float Shadow map.
Fixed a small bug with creating WOTMOD files. I stopped it from searching in too many folders for items.
Fitting of the tank to the shadow mapping texture is much better.
I made a few changes to the terrain and decals.

Version 100:

Fixed issues TE not finding the tracks on some tanks when exporting the tank to res_mods.
Fixed TE not loading tracks that are from a different nation.
Improved shadow mapping and its speed.
Fixed a few issues with rendering the stand along primitives.
Better PBR shading...

Version 99:

This adds much better lighting to the stand alone primitives.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
TE no longer extracts tanks with nearly identical names.
TE also will find and extract every texture associated with a tank. Note that this texture could be from a different nation!

Version 98:

This update shortens the names even more in the FBX files.
Blender can not use names over 63 characters in length.
This update adds a check box to the File/Settings menu to deal with normal maps that were exported as tangent (blue) maps.

Also.. This adds a new vertex format BPVTxyznuviiiww
This forced me to create the tangent and biTangent vectors used in bump mapping as they are not in the models vertex data.

Version 97:

This updates the stand alone primitives FBX exporter.
This fixes a bug loading a few tanks.
Updates to Help HTML pages.
Updates to FBX Exporter Panel.
You can now export tangent normal maps with the FBX.
Read the Primitives section in the help files.


This fixes a bug added with the last update by WarGaming.
There is a new entry in the list.xml tank tables that was causing parasing to fail.
Added more to the stand alone primitives loader. It's not finished and has more work to do.. You can export FBX but not with all textures. I'll add that in the next release. You can NOT write the primitives yet. It will crash on most models.

Version 95:

Added the ability to load, export, import and write stand alone primitive_processed files. Tank Exporter will NOT load textures for these yet. Also, it does not export vertex colors yet. This is very beta and still under development.

I added code to force TE to remember where you saved and loaded files from. I fixed bugs in a few places.. Not opening the tanks folder in file explore is one. I cleaned up the UI some and replaced the terrain mesh with a version that fixes overlapping triangles. I fixed a bug in reading decals from the packages. (Paths Changed I was not aware of) Its finding many more decals now. Windows 10 likes to removed them every month for some unknown reason.

Version 94:

Fixed a few bugs in paths to crash textures when writing a WOTMOD file. Moved UI and Settings to there sub menu under file/settings. Added a PBR template for when visuals are updated for new added models. Added a panel to Show/Hide each individual part of the tank and any other added models.

Added a panel to set the vertex winding order for each part of the model. Sometimes, even when it shows correctly in the 3D app and Tank Exporter, It still shows reversed in the game.

Updated the help pages.

Version 93:

This fixes a bug in selecting UV triangles while in FBX View mode. It was NOT centering on the selected triangle when the C key was pressed.

This version also adds the ability to select the color of the UV outline shown in the Texture Viewing window if "Show UVs" is selected. When a texture is selected for viewing, the color defaults to WHITE lines. You can now change these to Yellow, Red, Green, Blue or Black. These outline colors will be used when writing a UV mask for use in texture painting.

Version 92:

The meta.xml was being packaged in the res folder in wotmod files. This is fixed with this version. Now its packaged in the root of the files directory where it should be.

Version 91:

This updates the screen capturing. Now you have more choices and presets.

This version also adds code to extract the 420x307 better quality tank image from gui.pkg. It will also be included with the wotmod if it exist in res_mods when you build a wotmod file.

I also added code to change the paths in the .visual_processed files in side the tracks folder ONLY if the .DDS files exist in res_mods.

Version 90:

This adds support for Blender. The FBX can not be loaded in to Blender directly. It will need to be converted to version 2013 using Autodesk's FBX Converter. Get it at the link above. Please read the "Exporting a Tank" section in the help file for more information.

Version 89:

  1. WOTMOD creating has been completely re-written. Now it creates creator paths in the wotmod and updates all paths in the bw xml files to the new location of the resources. This is all based on what files are in the res_mods such as textures, visuals and such. Paths to resources that are not in res_mods will not be changed.
  2. I added Mouse Speed and Field of View settings.
  3. Fixed a bug in exporting screen shots.
  4. fixed a bug in loading and writing primitive crashed tanks.
  5. Tank Exporter now checks for GAME updates.
  6. Added code to allow testing WOTMOD or RES_MODS tanks by blocking the loading of mods or res_mods and than running the game from within Tank Exporter.
  7. Added code to show the python.log and clear it out. Nice for debugging wotmod files.

Version 88:

This fixes a bug that flipped the mixed camouflage on Y when exporting an FBX. In order for a camo to be exported, one must be applied to the tank.

Version 87:

I reworked how camouflages are loaded. There are now files created and stored in the wot_temp folder containing the information to create the camouflages. These files will be updated anytime you clean the wot_temp folder.

Version 86:

This fixes a bug with the Foch B not exporting to the Foch 155 folder. The 155 and B Foch tanks share the chassis, hull and turret models. Only the Guns 01 and 02 are different between these two tanks.

Version 85:

I fixed a bug with Tank Exporter not finding the German VK 100.01 (p). This is a bug in the Developer data I access from WG's Dev site. There are naming issues with the PGK file name and whats in the DEV data. I will be reporting this ASAP.

Version 84:

Tank Exporter now can create mixed camouflaged textures. Just select a camo and export the FBX. TE will create PNG files with the camo mixed over them.

Version 83:

This fixes a issue with the G19_sherman_firefly not loading. This version also should fix a rare error caused by dangling data.

Version 82:

Fixed a bug with the Lynx 6X6 wheeled vehicle not loading. Fixed a few issues with the menu bar. Changed how the camouflage names are displayed. They were bleeding over the top of each other when the names where long. Updated the Help HTML files.

Version 81:

This version adds the ability to load/export/write the wheeled vehicles. You can NOT write the chassis of the wheeled tanks however. If you have a serious need for this feature contact me. This is a lot of work I am not willing to do with out getting paid for the work.

Version 80:

I Fixed yet another bug in the camouflage.

Version 79:

Fixed a bug with TEs changes to the camuflages. TE finds many more camouflages now.

version 78:

Lots a new stuff!

Added ability to scale exported UV map.

Added the ability to export all camouflage textures when the tank is extracted to res_mods.

When clicking on a camouflage season button, Tank Exporter now searches the res_mods path for the base camouflage textures.

Added buttons to allow panning the camouflage textures at the bottom of the screen. You can also use the left and right arrows.

Added names above the camouflage textures for reference. Selecting a camouflage will also show the path of the base camouflage texture.

Added a control to change GMM map in real time while previewing the tank in TE. Fun!

Added a custom exported screen size. You can save a screen shot in any size you what. Use even size values for this!

Version 77:

Fixed how TE deals with tanks that contain the _Skins folder. Added JLDragon's Texture Save Format information to the help HTML pages.

Version 76:

This fixes an issue with tanks that contain "_skin" sub folders. In order to for SD tanks to work, you will need to copy all primitives and visuals to the _"skins" lod folders. This is untested and may not work with SD run mode. Fixed a bug with the game crashing when the window was moved if a data rebuild is in progress.

Version 75:

This fixes a silly bug introduced when I fixed the FBX shared vertex UV coordinates.

Version 74:

Fixed a few bugs wirh cleaning up visual files.

Version 73:

This adds the ability to create and save WOTMOD files. Read the HELP files. Also, I fixed a small issue with saving current folder paths for later recall. There is new HELP file content and a new process page.

Version 72:

This adds a check box to the extraction screen to extract the tanks item_Def file from the scripts.pkg. Also... It fixes a bug of items not being found in the shared_content_build file I create for searching for data.

Version 71:

This fixes a long time issue with importing FBX files with UV vertice counts larger than geometry vertice counts. Texture seams cause problems when rendering or writing the primitive if the vertices are not split based on UV mapping. The down side to this new FBX reading method is it requires repacking the vertices and indices back in to indexed lists. This takes time and you will see it when you write out a primitive. The code is not horribly slow but is worth the fix to UV map seams.

Version 70:

Fixed a bug with loading the Skorpion and other tanks.

Version 69:

Fixed a issue with the a tanks item_def file messing up finding camouflage texture tile information. Replaced the season ICONS with edited versions from the game data.

Version 68:

It would seem Windows 10 does not like having OpenGL render context windows with odd sizes.. This has never been a problem with Windows 7. I have always made the FBO an even size as the rendering textures MUST be powers of 2. This version resizes the window to a power of 2 after the user manually drags a border causing a resize. If you are seeing an odd tearing artifact in the center of the window this is because the render window size is not an even number.

I removed a bunch of decals from the terrain. This will speed up rendering a bit. If you are having any issues with the decals showing up as black, please report this along with the OS and Video hardware you are using.

Tank Exporter runs well under SLI (Not tested in crossfire). Use the NVIDIA control panel to turn SLI on. Add Tank Exporter to the list of programs and than set the SLI setting. It may take a few trials and error attempts to get the SLI running.

Version 67:

Added a hack to load the GB93_Caernarvon_AX tank. For what ever reason, this tank has a folder named _skins that causes TE to not find it.. I'm deleting this part of the path so TE can find the primitive files. If you want the new custom textures, copy them over from the _skins folder after extracting the tank to res_mods. When you load the tank in TE, the custom paint should show up.

Version 66:

This version adds screen capturing to Tank Exporter. Please read the Help Pages for more information.

Version 65:

This version adds the ability to load and export crash models from the packages. Editing of the crash models is the same as the regular models. Tank Exporter handles all the paths so you do not need to worry about it. Just load the tank using Load Crashed... on the context menu. Tank Exporter will add _CRASH to the name when the FBX is exported.

Version 64:

This version adds the ability to edit the Gun models! You can also add other models to the gun provided you set up the vertex colors correctly. I spent 2 days 20 + hours working on adding items to the chassis carriage. It can NOT be done.. Adding even one polygon that is not attached to the chassis models with out a matching vertex color causes the shader for the chassis to mess up. The Video driver crashes hard and the game locks up. You can add a ball and attach its vertices to a wheel and it works.. It crashes when there is a model that is not part of the carriage or tracks.

I'm leaving version 63 on GitHub in case there are issues with 64.

Version 63:

Tank Exporter will now copy and convert the textures of new models that have been added to the Turret or Tank components. The Visuals will automatically be edited so the paths are changed to match the folder and name of the new textures.

Updated Help pages with this new information.

Version 62:

After trying a few things to hide the tracks, I think I finally have the solution. In sniper mode, the tracks would show up again even with the ANM map cleared out. Now.... If you check the Hide Tracks box, Tank Exporter will replaced the primitive(s) for the 'REAL' track segments with a primitive that has only 8 vertices and all the data for each is zeroed out. Like wise, the rubber band phony tracks vertices are zerored out as well. The normal maps ANM is over written with a blank DDS and the visual is edited to make sure alpha is enabled and the references is at least set to 64. I tested this and I see no artifacts showing up anywhere.

I added code to automatically copy the visual and prmitives files from LOD0 to the other LOD1 to LOD4. You don't have to extract to 1 to 4 as the new check box on the Primitive Writer window will create the folders if they do not exist.

I also updated the HTML help pages with the new changes.

Version 61:

Created new and much better Help Pages for Tank Exporter. Added buttons to the Texture View window to hide/show the color channels on the texture. Cleaned up mousing between Texture View window and the rendering window. Added code to change the user name in texture paths when importing a FBX file. This helps with transporting FBX between friends and others working on the same FBX that is located in folder on a users desktop. The folder names must be exactly the same for this to work correctly.

Version 60:

Added code to sort the tank list. Found a bug that was removing the last tank found in each tier while creating the tank list.

Version 59:

I fixed a bug I managed to add in when I added bloom. I added "View in res_mods folder" to the Export/Extract menu that will open the tanks folder in Explore. If the folder does not exist, a popup will let you know you have not extracted the files.

Version 58:

Fixed a issue when visuals and their matching models are scattered in different pkg files. TE should find every part for every tank now. Bloom now is affected by all 3 lights. I updated the install banner.

Version 57:

Fixed a bug loading some of the Polish tanks. Added Bloom and a way to turn it on and off and a check box to view the texture used for rendering it.

Verion 56:

This fixes a bug in hiding parts of the tank when a FBX has not been imported. I also turned FXAA back on and added a check box to disable it. A few minor bug fixes.

Version 55:

This changes the texture and other functions to work exactly the same while in fbx view mode. The texture viewer now shows the UVs for the FBX and all mouse over acts just like in model view mode.

Hiding tank parts also works in FBX view now as does vertex colors.

The small tank view window on the bottom right is now presistent. Loading or Importing a FBX sets this image to that of the current tank and will return to that image after mousing over the list of tanks on the right panel.

The texture names are now displayed in the bottom of the main window and at the top left in the texture view window if you have a texture currently selected.

I fixed a minor but annoying bug with mousing in and out of the texture view window and the main render window. Now it cancels any highlighted UV triangles and stops the confict it was having.

I changed the terrain/grid to a tri-state button... now it cycles through Terrain - Blank - XY Grid displays.

Version 54:

This adds the ablility to edit the chassis Carriage section. There are new markers that show where the locations of the wheels/rollers are located.. Moving these, moves the wheels/rollers. There is NO need to move the actual mesh that makes up the wheels. There will be tutorial vidoes on this process coming soon.

I also fixed a few bugs and added a few more features.

  1. When importing a FBX, TE no longer reads and data from the res_mods. This has always caused problems with the comparing of the old data and the new FBX.
  2. I cleaned up some of the buttons on the side panel and added 2 new ones.. One that shows the vertex colors and one that shows the locations on the BlendBone locations in the chassis visual file.
  3. I added a way to hide the track sections of the chassis. It works with many tanks but some may need to have this done by copying images and editing the visual for the chassis.
  4. I added a button under Export/Extract that will clean out the data for the current tank in the res_mods folder if any exists.

Version 53:

Fixed a bug in reading the visual files. Spaces around string names was causing it to not find entries such as "vertices".

Version 52:

This fixes a crash while extracting the tank data after FBX import.

Version 51:

Fixed a silly bug that caused the first textures to be blank when exporting to FBX in PNG format.

Version 50:

TE now exports the currently active camouflage texture when you export the FBX. Added a camouflage editing tool. Edit Before exporting if you want changes to the camo to be saved. Moved fbx export and extract functions from the context menu to the main menu. TE exports the customization.xml file if told to do so. There is no editing done to the customization.xml. You will need to do it manually if you want camo colors to be visiable in the game.

Version 49:

The World of Tanks Developers API now requires an Application_Id. This ID is asscoitated with the Application and the developer of said application. This ID is embeded in Tank Exporters code and there is nothing on your part that is required other than setting up the paths to the game and the current res_mods folder for the current game version.

Version 48:

Added "Reload Textures" to the context menu on the tier tabs.

Version 47:

Updated to work with the last version of the game. Removed version 43 from GitHub. Its unusable with

Version 46:

Fixed a bug with selection of a UV triangle in the texture view window.

Version 45:

I added code to clean the shader files of any non-ascii characters. Hopefully, this will help AMD cards load the shaders with no issues.

Version 44:

I changed how decals are loaded. They are only loaded if they are used. This is dynamic so adding a new decal with an unused texture will cause a slight delay while the decal is being loaded. This version might cause problems so I am leaving version 42 on GitHub and it should be used if this one fails. Cleaning out the wot_temp folder might help if the app crashes at startup. Cleaning this folder should be done every time WoT adds or changes tank models!

Version 43:

Decals are now on the terrain. You can edit and save changes to them. The decals come from the game's pkg files and use PBR to shade them. I am leaving version 42 GitHub incase this version is unusable by anyone.

Version 42:

Added Shadows and controls for it. You can set 1 of the 3 lights as the shadow light source. Added terrain and skydome. The shader editor now stops the rendering while active. Rendering can be turned back on, on the editors form. The hide show grid lines now toggels between terrain and grid. Added a preview of the shadow mapping texture and result. This is a debug tool only.

Version 41:

Fixed PBR shading.. Added Cube environment map. Added menu items related to the new shading.

Version 40:

Fixed a issue with writing the surface normals X flipped

Version 39:

Added a FBO to use with FXAA. Implemented FXAA. Improved PBR and lighting in general.

Version 38:

I Finally got a working PBR shader. Better lighting!

Version 37:

Fixed an excpetion being thrown when mousing out of the Texture View window.

Version 36:

Added a bar graph during the extarction of large game files so TE doesn't look like its crashed.

Version 35:

Exporting to the res_mods folder now has an option to create a Work Area and copy the AM_HD and AO_HD to that folder in PNG format. This saves having to do it maually. You may not need to edit the AO map depending on what your doing but most likely, if you are painting on the AM map, you will need to fix the alpha change in the AO map. When using the Texture Viewer and Show UVs is on.. mousing over triangles on the texture now highlights them in the model view window. This will make it easier to figure out where the UVs are located on the tank. The method of mousing over the tank model still works as before and highlights the UV map where that triangle is mapped.

Version 34:

Added type icons to the tank list. Added Component load window to select which gun and turret that were found for the tank. Fixed a minor bug in the shader for the tanks. Updated the help HTML.

Version 33:

I fixed a bug with the HD textures never actually being loaded or exported to the FBX folder. I'm amazed I didn't catch this eariler.

Version 32:

I Fixed a bug reported by vontamar at GitHub.. Normals were being written with the X flipped! THANK YOU! Reporting bugs makes TE a better tool!

Version 32:

I fixed a bug caused by new content pgk names that stop the loading of HD textures.

Version 30:

I reworked how tanks are found in the PKG files. As of 4/8/2018 TE is finding 549 tanks.

Version 29:

Added code to load the Italy Tank line. There is currently only one tank in this line.. A preimium. This data is not in the WoT API site so I hard coded the name for the It13_Pregetto_M35_mod_46

Verion 28:

Removed BSP and BSP Tree from the menu.. They are no longer part of primitive files. Fixed coding to deal with part1 and part2 content files. I have not added code to deal with the Italy line yet so these tanks are NOT loaded in to the list. I removed writing BSP2 data to the prmitive files as these are now contained in VT files (I think... I need to do more exploring of these files formats).

Version 27:

Added a Simple Lighting mode for those that are having problems with rendering the tanks. If you are having issues with textures not showing up, please create a ticket explaining the issue and video hardware you are using

Version 26:

Changed where the Terra tank list and data is stored because of UAC problems. Updated the tank list for Terra.

Version 25:

This version fixes a memory leak. Updated the tank list for Terra.

Version 24:

Tank Exporter now loads all tanks in the extended pkg files.

Version 23:

Fixed a stupid bug in the path names to where the game and res_mods. Added some code to find more of the missing tank parts. WG has split the tier 8 tanks in to 2 pgk files. I will need to change the code to deal with this as some point. As it is, tanks from that 2nd pkg are ignore.

Version 22:

Paths to folders are now saved to the wot_temp folder. You won't need to reset the game and res_mods/currentversion paths after every update to Tank Exporter.

Version 21:

Added a shader while viewing the FBX. A few minor big fixes with loading textures from the res_mods folder path.

Version 20:

This fixes a path issue when texture paths reference the a old game version folder. It nows repaces that path with the current game version path to the res_mods folder.

Version 19:

Added support for adding more than one one object to the turret or hull.

Version 17:

Fixed a nasty issue with the normals of added items. They were not being translated correctly.

Version 18:

More fixes in FBX import/export

Version 16:

Fixes in FBX import/expore

Version 15:

Fixed a issue while writing Turret models. Added a model info window. Added / Fixed Visual viewer window. Now TE seaches in the res_mods folder for a matching tank component. If it finds it, will load it from there. Minor Bug fixes.

Version 14:

Added Primitive Write capability. Now you can write primitive files the game can load! This only works will the hull or turret models. Read the help file for more information.

Version 13:

Added Mouse over picking of the vertex under the mouse. This only works if UVs are visable in the Texture Viewer. Also.. Pressing the "C" key will center the current UV in the Texture Viewer's window. The purpose is to make it easy to locate where the UVs are mapped to. Updated Help HTML and added a new page and image.

Version 12:

Added Texture Viewing and UV ploting.. also a way to save the texture as a png. This is dependent on the view settings. Added importing of the BSP2 and the tree from the tank models.

Version 11:

Added FBX importing. Re did the User Interface.

Verions 10:

Now when exporting a tank in FBX, a folder is created under the tanks name in the same directory and all the textures are placed there.


A middle ware app for editing World of Tank tank models.






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