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update README with info and TODO list

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@@ -2,4 +2,15 @@ Crossfit Games Filter -
The [Crossfit Games](http:// site has its [own leaderboard]( and visitors can create a [custom leaderboard](, but I wanted to build my own flavor in Rails.
-Still a lot of things to finish and clean up, but I'm updating on almost a daily basis, so it should be done soon.
+I get crushed at [Crossfit Wicked]( and some friends at work get crushed at [Crossfit Southie](, so those are the only affiliates in the mix for now.
+- [ ] fix #2
+- [ ] create a specific view for Wicked and Southie affiliates
+- [ ] break out tables based off of gender and Games age groupings
+- [ ] spice up the design a bit instead of lame bootstrap
+Possible additions:
+- [ ] pull down scores for some other affiliates?
+- [ ] pull down scores from 2012?
+- [ ] create some more cooler views with some of the scoring data, maybe with some comparisons of 2012 vs. 2013 scores?
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