A Backup and Recovery tool for the save files of everyone's favorite video game!
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Payday 2 Save Manager

I'm a huge fan of Payday 2, the incredible first person shooter by Overkill Software. Unfortunately due to occasional bugs, beta updates and mod usage going wrong occasionally your game saves may be in danger. Of course the common route was to manually copy and paste your save files somewhere else, but that got annoying to me. I decided to build a nice user interface for easy backup and recovery of my game saves.

-The ability to backup and recover Payday 2 game saves
-Works with multiple Steam accounts on the same machine
-Functions locally, and does not require Steam or any other credentials
-Custom name your backups
-Debug Window outputs everything that is donefor user logging
-Easy Deletion of older unwanted backups

Payday 2 Save Manage is licenced with GPLv3. To learn more about GPLv3 and the rights it gives you please view the gpl.txt file included in this repo.

Miker525 - Versions 1.0 - 1.6 - Programming, UI Design
DKATyler - Version 1.7 - UI changes, code clean up and optimization
Overkill Software - Retains rights to Images & logos used, and granting us permission to use them.

Current Version:

1.8 Update Log:
-Removed Steam Location cache added by DKATyler. I felt there was really no need for this and prefer the application to detect where Steam and Payday 2 directories are on the fly rather than store it in an external file.
-Fixed a bug created in version 1.7 in which the backups folder was being created and checked for in the Steam directory as opposed to in the Payday 2 directory. This bug made the version incompatible with prior versions of the software. This has now been fixed and version 1.8 picks up working the same as versions 1.6 and below.