Image processing library for Clojure
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Image processing library for Clojure

Contains various utility functions for handling colours and bitmap images.

Clojars Project

Build Status


(use 'mikera.image.core)
(require '[mikera.image.filters :as filt])

;; load an image from a resource file
(def ant (load-image-resource "mikera/image/samples/Ant.png"))

;; show the iamge, after applying an "invert" filter
(show (filter-image ant (filt/invert)))

Inverted ant


Features so far:

  • Creating new images
  • Scaling / zooming images
  • Loading images - from ordinary files, resource files, filesystem paths and streams
  • Getting and setting pixels in bulk using primitive arrays
  • Getting and setting individual pixels
  • Filtering images (blur, contrast, brightness etc.)
  • Various colour handling functions
  • Progressive encoding and controlling the quality of output images.

Imagez is a new library, so the API is being refined. Expect changes / additions on a regular basis.

Using Imagez

Simply add the dependency via Clojars:

Imagez requires Clojure 1.4 and above.

More Examples

(use 'mikera.image.core)
(use 'mikera.image.colours)

;; create a new image
(def bi (new-image 32 32))

;; gets the pixels of the image, as an int array
(def pixels (get-pixels bi))

;; fill some random pixels with colours
(dotimes [i 1024]
  (aset pixels i (rand-colour)))

;; update the image with the newly changed pixel values
(set-pixels bi pixels)

;; view our new work of art
;; the zoom function will automatically interpolate the pixel values
(show bi :zoom 10.0 :title "Isn't it beautiful?")

For more examples including image filtering, see the demo namespace:


LGPL version 3.0.