hacky script to convert conditionally-styled SVG to map tiles
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#svg2map convert conditionally-styled SVG to raster map tiles.


  • rip SVG layer out of the frontend
  • strip out anything you don't want
  • add XML headers to the SVG data, save as a .svg
  • get the lat/lng coordinate pair of the NW corner of your SVG bounding box
  • modify the script to fit your data
  • run script, get tiles

###requirements needs pycairo (easy_install pycairo) and the python bindings for librsvg (sudo apt-get install python-rsvg).


  • clean up the code, first and foremost
  • render only a specified extent of the SVG
  • render zoom levels LESS than the initial scale of the raw, initial SVG
  • SVG headers: what does cairo/rsvg need? wikipedia SVG files work, most others don't
  • some way to tie geojson, svg, and this script together without so much work on the part of the user