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Instapaper Chrome Extension

I don't use any bookmarking tools with any regularity other than Instapaper, and I don't need an extension that does anything beyond simply sending articles into the service. This extension aims to make that as simple and streamlined as possible.

The extension has two features:

  1. Clicking on the instapaper icon in the address bar will submit the current tab's URL/Title to Instapaper for later reading.

  2. Pressing ctrl-p on any page has the same effect.

The first time you attempt to submit a URL, a popdown will appear, asking for your Instapaper username and password. As soon as you enter a working pair, the URL will be submitted, and you can move on with your life.

None of these behaviors is in any way configurable.

If you're looking for options and functionality that this extension doesn't provide, check out Instachrome (also on GitHub ). It's nice, and I learned a lot reading through Edgar's code.