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greyd - greylisting & blacklisting daemon

C/C++ CI Docker Cloud Build Status

Project Website

Check out the project website ( for more information and documentation.


greyd is derived from OpenBSD's spamd spam deferral daemon and supporting programs. As spamd is tightly integrated with the PF firewall, there are no production-ready ports available for the GNU/Linux world. In addition to providing equivalent features to spamd, greyd aims to:

  • Be firewall agnostic, and provide a generic interface for pluggable modules, to allow operation with any suitable firewall (eg iptables/ipset/netfilter, FreeBSD's IPFW, etc.). Currently greyd can transparently make use of PF and Netfilter with the appropriate drivers.

  • Provide a generic database interface for pluggable modules to work with a variety of different databases (eg Berkeley DB, SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, etc.).

  • Be portable and run on many different systems.

  • Have all of the programs in the greyd suite be driven by flexible configuration files, in addition to supporting the same command line switches as spamd & friends.

  • Have a clean & modularized internal structure, to facilitate unit & regression testing (there are currently > 750 tests).

  • Be able to import the same blacklists & whitelists that spamd can import.

  • Be able to sync seemlessly with native spamd.


Both centos7 and alpine based images are automatically built and available via the greyd dockerhub.

Note, the centos7 image is built from the latest greyd release, where the alpine image is built from the latest commit on master.

You can run greyd with something like:

$ docker run -P -p8025:8025 --cap-add=NET_ADMIN mikeyaustin/greyd:alpine


Greyd runs on GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD & DragonFly BSD, and they can all sync to each other.

The greyd suite

greyd provides analogous versions of each of the spamd programs, namely:

  • greyd - the main spam deferral daemon
  • greydb - greylisting/greytrapping database management
  • greyd-setup - blacklist & whitelist population
  • greylogd - connection tracking & whitelist updating

Development Status

greyd is fully functional and is under active development. All of the features from spamd have been implemented, including synchronization support. Additional features not found in spamd have also been implemented, such as SPF trapping & optional whitelisting, sync support via greydb and fast blacklist lookup via an internal radix trie.

greyd is now fully sync compatible with spamd, which would allow, for example, an administrator to add a greyd instance into a cluster of existing spamd instances.

The following database drivers have been implemented:

  • Berkeley DB (4.x onwards), which makes full use of transactions.
  • Berkeley DB SQL (5.x onwards).
  • SQLite 3
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

For GNU/Linux, a firewall driver has been implemented for the netfilter ecosystem. This driver makes use of:

  • libipset for IP set management
  • libnetfilter-log for the tracking and auto-whitelisting of connections
  • libnetfilter-conntrack (version >= 1.0.4) for the DNAT original destination lookups

For the BSDs, a PF firewall driver has been implemented.

Before the first proper release, there is still the following to be done:

  • autotools build configuration
  • man pages & documentation (install guides, user guides, etc.)
  • sample init scripts for some RHEL-like systems (and Debian)
  • more testing in the wild on different setups


All of the source is licensed under the OpenBSD license, with the exception of the netfilter firewall driver. As this driver links with the libnetfilter userland libraries, it must be licensed under the GPL (as is my understanding!). This does not conflict with the rest of the code base as all greyd drivers are/can be compiled as shared objects, to be dynamically linked at runtime.