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Generate class diagrams from scala source code
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Scala Diagrams

Scaladiagrams is a command line tool to generate DOT files representing a Scala projects class hierarchy. These DOT files can then be passed to a renderer such as GraphViz to draw the hierarchy.


First, compile and package with ./build

To run Scaladiagrams do the following:

scaladiagrams --source pathToScalaSourcefiles > dotFile

If you have Graphviz installed, you can generate an image like so:

scaladiagrams --source pathToScalaSourcefiles | dot -Tpng > file.png

Large class hierarchies are probably best rendered as an SVG file, just replace the -t target to svg.

Other options

./scaladiagrams --help
    -e, --extension  <arg>    (default = .scala) 
    -l, --linked             only output types that extend other types 
    -p, --parent  <arg>      only output parents of the named class 
    -s, --source  <arg>      location of source files (default = .) 

Most useful of these are --linked and --parent; these both reduce the scope of the diagram to be produced.

Example diagram

Class Diagram

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