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Patient registration and outpatient diagnosis system to be used with OpenMRS

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Mateme is a simple patient registration application written in Ruby on Rails and is intended as a web front end for OpenMRS.

OpenMRS® is a community-developed, open-source, enterprise electronic medical record system framework. We've come together to specifically respond to those actively building and managing health systems in the developing world, where AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria afflict the lives of millions. Our mission is to foster self-sustaining health information technology implementations in these environments through peer mentorship, proactive collaboration, and a code base that equals or surpasses proprietary equivalents. You are welcome to come participate in the community, whether by implementing our software, or contributing your efforts to our mission!

Mateme was built by Baobab Health and Partners in Health in Malawi, Africa. It is licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

Getting Started:

In order to get your database setup, look at this file, make changes to the constants at the top if necessary,then run it!


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