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Static site generator for creating documentation for your projects
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GrazeDocs - Lightweight Static Documentation Generator

GrazeDocs Logo

dotnet tool install -g GrazeDocs

GrazeDocs is a static site generator for creating documentation for your projects. The content is created using Markdown which GrazeDocs converts into a beautiful web site. GrazeDocs provides a live preview feature which allows you to focus on writing your content.

The default theme is optimized for technical documentation sites.

Getting Started

GrazeDocs is available as a global tool for .NET Core. To install:

dotnet tool install -g GrazeDocs

GrazeDocs Installation

To start creating your documentation, use GrazeDocs -i . to initialize documentation into the current folder:

GrazeDocs -i .

GrazeDocs Init

With GrazeDocs -i, you can initialize the folder with which can work as the starting point for your project's documentation.

After your happy with the documentation, use GrazeDocs -p to publish your complete site:

GrazeDocs -p

GrazeDocs Publish

For more thorough documentation, visit the GrazeDocs' home page


  • Clean and light default theme
  • Markdown to documentation
  • Automatically generated table of contents
  • Single or multi-page documentations
  • Live preview
  • Razor based themes
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