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SalaryCalc Salary calculator Oct 5, 2011
WebBrowserRender updated cal.micro for winrt sample Dec 5, 2012
WinRT-GridView-XAML-Performance-Problems updated cal.micro for winrt sample Dec 5, 2012
WinRT-Live-Tile-Notification-Queue Updated live tile example Jul 3, 2012
WinRT-MVVM-Example Winrt mvvm example Mar 12, 2012
caliburn-micro-datatemplate-selector The final version for Caliburn.Micro DataTemplateSelector blog post Jan 20, 2012
caliburn-micro-winrt-getting-started updated cal.micro for winrt sample Dec 5, 2012
change-reference-based-on-build-configuration Sample application of changing the project reference based on the Vis… Sep 9, 2010
concern-for-controller Base class for unit testing mvc controllers Aug 23, 2010
hubcontrol-getting-started hubcontrol-getting-started blog post Jun 27, 2013
nhibernate-glimpse-real-time-sql NHibernate with ASP.NET MVC 3 demo app. Showing SQL Queries in real time May 15, 2011
nservicebus-in-order Processing messages in order with NServiceBus Aug 27, 2010
plugin-application-interface Interacting with the application from a plugin Aug 21, 2010
unity-custom-constructor-parameters Unity constructor parameters resolve Feb 11, 2012
windows-phone-application-resources-navigation Using application.resources to pass data between pages in a Windows P… Nov 19, 2013
wp7-sockets-part-i WP7 Sockets. Part 1 Sep 5, 2011
wp7-sockets-part-ii WP7 Sockets Tutorial part II Oct 21, 2011
wp7-sockets-part-iii WP7 Sockets tutorial part III Oct 21, 2011
wp7-sockets-part-iv Windows Phone Sockets debugging Feb 19, 2012
.gitattributes Removed SemanticZoom-example for Beta-release Jun 30, 2012
.gitignore NServiceBus distributor sample app Sep 2, 2010
readme.txt First commit Aug 20, 2010


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