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tc1126 cn1100 tcm1680 Touch screen driver
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tc1126 cn1100 tcm1680 Touch screen driver

Compile with kernel 4.14 mainline.

Does not support Devicetree for now (you must put resolution, irq and wakeup pin in code).

Put folder tc11c126 in $kernelpath/drivers/input/touchscreen/


source "drivers/input/touchscreen/tc1126/Kconfig"

at end of file



obj-$(CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TC1126_TS) += tc1126/

at the end of


activate module (eg with menuconfig )

compile kernel

to istance driver add in dts file of your hardware

&i2cX { // Touch Screen tc1126@20 { compatible = "tc1126"; reg = <0x20>; //interrupt-parent = <&pio>; //interrupts = <1 5 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_RISING>; // PB05 }; };

with X = I2C bus number.

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