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A Docusaurus plugin for generating source code /api/* routes, powered by TypeDoc.


View the official readme for more information on installation and usage.


Since this repository doesn't have a public API, nor is its source code organized in a way to utilize TypeDoc, we rely on the types provided by Boost. To contribute, you'll need to clone the Boost project relative to this project as a sibling.

# Setup plugin
git clone
cd docusaurus-plugin-typedoc-api
yarn install
yarn run pack

# Setup Boost
cd ..
git clone
cd boost
yarn install
yarn run pack

After both projects are setup, you can make modifications to this project and then verify the changes by starting the Docusaurus server with yarn run docs. However, hot reloading does not work, so you'll unfortunately need to run this command over and over again... haven't spent the time improving this yet.