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DocomoCss Build Status

docomo_css is a CSS in-liner.

Most handsets for the Japanese cell-phone carrier DoCoMo cannot use external style sheets, such as

<link rel="stylesheet" /> style css, only can use in-line CSS.

Instead, every element must use its own style attribute, for example

<div style="font-size:x-small">

docomo_css works around this by inlining all CSS automatically for you.

Also, docomo does not support styling some elements such as h1, but does if you nest the contents in a span or div. This library automatically handles transforming of markup such as



<h1><span style="font-size:x-small">foo</span></h1>

so you don't need to change any styling. If you were doing this manually before and don't want docomo_css to automatically update your html, use

docomo_css inject_unsupported_style: false


sudo gem install docomo_css


* Rails 4


# app/controllers/articles_controller.rb
class ArticlesController < ApplicationController
  docomo_filter  # please add this

# app/views/articles/index.html.erb
  <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'foo', media: 'handheld, tty' %>
  <div class="title">bar</div>

# public/stylesheets/foo.css
.title {
  color: red;

# result
  <div class="title" style="color:red">bar</div>

Options for the value of this docomo_css are

* mobile - always transform css when content type is application/xhtml+xml, default false
* xml_declare - add xml declaration, default true


Copyright © 2008-2014 milk1000cc & Paul McMahon, released under the MIT license

milk1000cc <>

Paul McMahon <>