My Modular PHP5 Library
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My Modular OOP PHP5 Library (c)

Keep in mind

This is not a "real framework", it's just a set of helper methods/classes that I use for some of my projects and/or I coded for "no specific reason" (fun)...

Most things are coded as required, which means that I don't spend my whole day trying to make it on the best way as possible, I improve it when I need it to be improved...

I find some Classes really helpful but depending on your workflow and/or if you're using a framework it may be useless for you.

Some stuff aren't properly tested and some stuff I don't even use anymore.. - Don't take it too serious...


  • All code here is released under the WTF Public License unless otherwise noted.
  • I don't give any kind of support on how to use these files.
  • Files/Folders may disappear. APIs may change. Things may break.
  • Almost everything is a work in progress.