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Meeting Notes: Governance, December 18 2018

Governance meeting held Dec 18 @ 3PM UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter, full chat transcript here. Meeting lasted ~ 120 min.

Notes are truncated, and conversations sorted based on topic and not always chronological. Quotes are edited for brevity and clarity, and not always exact.

Community attendance:

  • catheryne_n_twitter
  • davidburkett
  • dewdeded
  • garyyu
  • hashmap
  • ignopeverell
  • jaspervdm
  • kargakis
  • lehnberg (joined for 2nd half)
  • quentinlesceller
  • tromp
  • umma08
  • yeastplume

(apologies if I missed someone - open a PR or contact @lehnberg to add)

Agenda points & Actions

1. Agenda review

Proposed agenda accepted, with additional other points " update" & "genesis message" added.

2. Action point follow ups from previous meetings

Previous actions:

  • Risk management brainstorm: Council members @yeastplume and @antiochp have yet to complete the risk assessments.
  • Actions on @burrata to crowd-source post mainnet priorities and document current decision making process have yet to be completed.

3. POW

  • @tromp's Cuckaroo CPU miner not yet done.
  • Discussion around naming conventions:
    • CuckARoo: ASIC Resistant
    • CuckAToo: ASIC Targeted
  • Reminder to all miners to document performance using the GPU mining stats wiki page.

4. Security audits

  • Catheryne: Quarkslab cannot start until after Jan 15 and need extra days to familiarize themselves with the code. Given that, I recommend you finish the libsecp audit and then we put it out for everyone again afterwards.
  • libsecp audit is being by done by someone very well known in cryptography community, still not fully confirmed if they can be revealed.
  • Agreement to go back to more firms, while the libsecp audit proceeds, and then reevaluate next year.

5. Mainnet planning

  • Milestone:
  • Little less than a month to go, nothing anticipated to block a release, give or take a few days. (But never say never)
  • Aim to have final testnet out this week, mirroring mainet closely.
  • Igno has prepared a release script that will generate the genesis block and publish it throuch committing it to the repo, where everyone do a pull and rebuild. Genesis timestamp should be 30 min in the future roughly.
  • For bitcoin block, 3 different bitcoin APIs are queried for the last block, and check they return the same. The script pauses before committing anything for Igno to validate the orphaning status.
  • davidburkett: Since your genesis utility is modifying code anyway, can you just have it write the full bitcoin block header to a code comment? This would address any orphaning worries.
    • igno: Yes, assuming we can easily record that we could do that.

6. Mission statement

  • is a good start, but we should try to narrow it down even further, ideally to 3-5 statements. The shorter the list to vote on, the better.
  • General sentiment to tone down the missions a bit, some are too inflated and self-important.
  • Any particular preferences on the mission statement, comment on the issue.

7. Website

We have a new website that was finally redesigned. There's still definitely space for improvement, both with some minor cleanups and improvements on content. The website is published straight from so if you have improvements in mind, feel free to open some PRs.

8. Risk mgmt brainstorm

9. Other questions

9.1 New channel 'grin-trading'

  • There's now a #trading channel on the Grin Keybase team.
  • Purpose to faciliate OTC trading and price discussions.
  • Start with keybase for now, if the main Gitter channel still ends up hosting these discussions, we may also create a dedicated Gitter channel, but no need at this stage.

9.2 Decision log

  • All were in favour of it's introduction.

9.3 Rescheduling of meetings

  • Next dev meeting moved to: Dec 27
  • Next governance meeting moved to: Jan 3

9.4 update

  • New website
  • 50% of tickets have sold out, 2.5 weeks after announcing.
  • Any help for getting sponsors are welcomed.

9.5 Genesis message

A couple of suggestions floated

  • 15/Dec/1890 The Right to Privacy
  • tuned to a dead channel
  • i solemnly swear I am up to no good

No decisions made.

Meeting adjourned.