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Grin RFCs

This repository contains all Grin Project RFCs that have been proposed and accepted by the Grin community for further consideration.

Grin RFCs may cover (but are not limited to) technical enhancements, changes to the governance structure or changes to project processes.

Getting started

To begin writing your own RFC or to find out more about the process and the general RFC guidelines, refer to the RFC that established this process.

List of accepted RFCs

Title Status Tl;dr
0001-rfc-process ACTIVE Introduce RFC process
0002-grin-governance RETIRED Articulate community values, define core and sub-teams Replaced by RFC#6.
0003-security-process ACTIVE Define community standards for ethical disclosure behaviour
0004-full-wallet-lifecycle ACTIVE Define API standard for sensitive wallet operations
0005-variable-size-kernels ACTIVE Introduce kernel variants that can be of different sizes
0006-payment-proofs ACTIVE Support generating and validating payment proofs for sender-initiated (i.e. non-invoice) transactions
0007-node-api-v2 ACTIVE Create a v2 JSON-RPC API for the Node API
0008-wallet-state-management ACTIVE Improve wallet state management
0009-enable-faster-sync ACTIVE Enable faster txhashset sync by changing output MMR commitment
0010-online-transacting-via-tor RETIRED Define standard for transacting via Tor Replaced by RFC#0015.
0011-security-team ACTIVE Establish Grin Security team
0012-compact-slates ACTIVE Introduce new compact slate format (Slate V4)
0013-nrd-kernels ACTIVE Introduce relative timelocks through "No Recent Duplicate" transaction kernels
0014-general-fund-guidelines ACTIVE Define general fund spending guidelines
0015-slatepack ACTIVE Universal transaction standard for Grin. Replaces RFC#0010.
0016-simplify-governance ACTIVE Simplify Grin governance model. Replaces RFC#0002.
0017-fix-fees ACTIVE Change minimum relay fees to be weight proportional, make output creation cost 0.01 Grin.
0018-fix-daa ACTIVE Change DAA (Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm) from damped simple moving average (dsma) to a weighted-target exponential moving average (wtema). Restrict the future-time-limit (FTL) window to 5 minutes.
0019-deprecate-http-tx ACTIVE Deprecating HTTP(S) as a transaction method in grin-wallet.
0020-pibd-messages ACTIVE Define new peer-to-peer messages to enable a novel sync method, using packets of self-contained partial state that can be downloaded and verified independently from each other.
0021-fix-prior-fees ACTIVE Carry the restriction of fees, to 40 bits since HF4, back to all history.
0022-pibd-deployment ACTIVE Rollout of Parallel Independent Block Download (PIBD) functionality.


Apache License 2.0


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, shall be licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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