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EncFS implementation for Windows with Dokany and Crypto++. For 64bit environment only.


encfs.exe [options] rootdir mountPoint
  rootdir (ex. c:\test)                  Directory source to EncFS.
  mountPoint (ex. m)                     Mount point. Can be M:\ (drive letter) or empty NTFS folder C:\mount\dokan .

  -u mountPoint                          Unmount.
  -l                                     List mount pounts.
  -v                                     Enable debug output to an attached debugger.
  -s                                     Use stderr for debug output.
  -i Timeout (Milliseconds ex. 30000)    Timeout until a running operation is aborted and the device is unmounted. Default to 30000.
  -t ThreadCount (ex. 5)                 Number of threads to be used internally by Dokan library.
                                         More threads will handle more event at the same time. Default to 5.
  --dokan-network UNC (ex. \host\myfs)   UNC name used for network volume.
  --dokan-removable                      Show device as removable media.
  --dokan-write-protect                  Read only filesystem.
  --dokan-mount-manager                  Register device to Windows mount manager.
                                         This enables advanced Windows features like recycle bin and more...
  --dokan-current-session                Device only visible for current user session.
  --dokan-filelock-user-mode             Enable Lockfile/Unlockfile operations. Otherwise Dokan will take care of it.
  --public                               Impersonate Caller User when getting the handle in CreateFile for operations.
                                         This option requires administrator right to work properly.
  --allocation-unit-size Bytes (ex. 512) Allocation Unit Size of the volume. This will behave on the disk file size.
  --sector-size Bytes (ex. 512)          Sector Size of the volume. This will behave on the disk file size.
  --paranoia AES-256bit / changed name IV / external IV chaining
  --alt-stream Enable NTFS alternate data stream.
  --case-insensitive Ignore case in filenames.
  --reverse Encrypt rootdir to mountPoint.
        encfs.exe C:\Users M:                                    # EncFS C:\Users as RootDirectory into a drive of letter M:\.
        encfs.exe C:\Users C:\mount\dokan                        # EncFS C:\Users as RootDirectory into NTFS folder C:\mount\dokan.
        encfs.exe C:\Users M: --dokan-network \myfs\myfs1        # EncFS C:\Users as RootDirectory into a network drive M:\. with UNC \\myfs\myfs1

Unmount the drive with CTRL + C in the console or alternatively via "encfs.exe -u MountPoint".


Download installer.

Please install Dokany before installation.




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