How to backdoor Diffie-Hellman
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How to backdoor Diffie-Hellman

The whitepaper is on ePrint.

This repo contains research on how to backdoor Diffie-Hellman:

  • backdoor_generator/ contains everything to generate and export parameters for a Diffie-Hellman backdoor.
  • attack/ contains the setup to perform the Man-In-The-Middle attack on TLS (tested on Socat/OpenSSL so far).
  • socat_reverse/ contains work on reversing the "backdoor" discovered in Socat in February 2016.

Other repositories were created during this research:

  • github/test_DHparams contains a tool to check your Diffie-Hellman parameters (is the modulus long enough? Is it a safe prime? ...)

  • github/GoNTL contains an extension of the go bignumber library along with an implementation of Pollard Rho for discrete logarithm