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Readable Implementation of Strobe in Go
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This repository contains an implementation of the Strobe protocol framework. See this blogpost for an explanation of what is the framework.

The implementation of Strobe has not been thoroughly tested. Do not use this in production.

The Strobe implementation is heavily based on, which is why some of the files have been copied in the /strobe directory. You do not need to have Go's SHA-3 package to make it work.


To use it, first get Go's experimental sha3's implementation:

go get


See godoc for thorough documentation. Here is an example usage:

package main

import (


func main() {
	s := strobe.InitStrobe("myHash", 128) // 128-bit security
	message := []byte("hello, how are you good sir?")
	s.AD(false, message) // meta=false
	fmt.Println(hex.EncodeToString(s.PRF(16))) // output length = 16


  • Implement test vectors of SHAKE
  • Generate proper test vectors and test them with the reference implementation in python of Strobe
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