Need to encrypt a file before sending it to someone? This is it.
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Eureka is a simple tool to encrypt and decrypt files.



Get a binary here.

Go get.

If you have Go installed and /usr/local/go/bin is in your PATH, you should be able to simply get the binary by doing

go get


If you are on MacOS, just use Homebrew:

brew tap mimoo/eureka && brew install eureka


You are trying to send Bob the file myfile.txt. Start by encrypting the file via:

eureka -encrypt -file myfile.txt

which will return a one-time 256-bit AES key and create a new myfile.txt.encrypted file:

File encrypted at myfile.txt.encrypted
In a different secure channel, pass the following one-time key to your recipient.

Now. Find a channel to send the encrypted file to Bob. It could be via email, or via dropbox, or via google drive, etc.

You then need to transmit the one-time key (613800fc6cf88f09aa6aeafab3eedd627503e6c5de28040c549efc2c6f80178d) to Bob in a different channel. For example, if you exchanged the file (or a link to the file) via email, then send this key to Bob via WhatsApp.

Once Bob receives the file and the one-time key from two different channels, he can decrypt the file via this command:

eureka -decrypt -file myfile.txt.encrypted -key 613800fc6cf88f09aa6aeafab3eedd627503e6c5de28040c549efc2c6f80178d

which will create a new file myfile.txt containing the decrypted content.