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Online Multimedia - Winter Semester 2019/2020

In this repository you can find materials for the Online Multimedia lecture at LMU Munich in the Winter Semester 2019/2020.

The lecture is targeted at Informatics and Media Informatics Master students. For more details, see the course website.

Required Toolkit

To do the Break-Out exercises during the tutorials and to complete all assignments, make sure to install these tools as soon as possible.

  • Text Editor / Web IDE - choose one -

  • Git. On Windows you need to install git from It's already included on macOS and Linux. On Mac you might want to install the XCode Command Line Tools to make sure you get the latest version.

    • After you're all set with git, go straight ahead to this tutorial, if you don't know git.
    • Watch this video to get you all up and running with git.
    • We recommend generating an SSH key and cloning this repository via SSH.
    • This article is also a recommended read when working with git.
  • NodeJS (+ npm).

    • MacOS: preferably via Homebrew (or MacPorts if you already have that). The package from the NodeJS website also works.
    • Linux: the package in the repos are often a bit outdated, so please look for other ways to get the latest stable version
    • Windows: the version from the NodeJS website should work.
  • Once you have npm running (check via npm -v), install these packages (you can do all that from the Git-Bash):

    • Express Generator: npm install -g express-generator
  • MongoDB. Follow the installation instructions.

  • Docker. Fllow the installation instructions.

Repository Structure


Everything related to the assignments goes here.


Commit your own solutions in the solutions sub-directories. Read the README first to find out how to do this. There won't be official solutions from our side.


all example code of the tutorials, break out material and other documents are here.