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mi:muz:tuch MIDI Controller with flexible touch keys
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mi:muz:tuch (MIDI Controller with flexible touch keys)


mi:muz:tuch is a USB MIDI controller with capacitive touch sensor. It has now two indivisual versions, AVR or STM32.

Both version has same features:

  • 6ch capacitive touch sensors with LEDs
  • USB MIDI (USB MIDI Class compliant device mode)
  • Calibration switch for manual calibration in anytime
  • Web MIDI Configurator

AVR Version (ATtiny44 16Mhz with ATmega8A 8Mhz)

AVR version of mi:muz:tuch (v0.1x) is based mi:muz:expr#2 for 'Hybrid MIDI feature, It can be able to connect to PC's USB Port using V-USB or mi:muz:mstr (I2C master) devices's I2C port using I2C slave mode.

see also AVR Version, HybridMidiATtiny

STM32 Version (STM32F042K6T6)

STM32 version of mi:muz:tuch (v0.2x) is my first STM32 project, it now only support USB Mode.

see also STM32 Version



USB VID/PID pair for this application is provided by

This Project is opensource. but if You folk this project to another product, USB VID/PID pair must be replaced to another codes.


mi:muz:tuch under indivisual licences for AVR Version, STM32 Version and Configurator. See Licences follow as:

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