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       pacgem - Install Ruby Gems using the Arch Linux Package Manager (pacman)

       pacgem [options] gems...

       Pacgem allows direct installation of ruby gems under Arch Linux. It generates a temporary package build script (PKGBUILD).
       `makepkg` is used to create a package which is then installed using `sudo pacman`.

       -d, --destdir DIR
              Destination directory for package files

       -c, --create
              Create package only, do not install

       -u, --update
              Update all installed gems

       -t, --test
              Test if there are any gems to update

       -r, --resolveonly
              Resolve the gem depencies and exit

       -n, --noresolve
              Do not resolve any dependencies, this is useful for generating (-create) a single package

              Disable automatic dependency generation for shared objects (*.so)

              Disable package checking with namcap

              Disable colored output

              Show a full traceback on error

       -h, --help
              Display help and exit

       -V, --version
              Display version and exit

       pacgem --create slim       Create ruby-slim package in the directory ./ruby-slim

       pacgem slim-1.0            Create temporary ruby-slim package and install it

       pacgem 'slim>1.0'          Install ruby-slim version > 1.0

       pacgem thin 'slim~>1.0'    Install ruby-thin and ruby-slim with version ~>1.0

       Daniel Mendler (mail at

       pacman(8), makepkg(8), namcap(1), PKGBUILD(5)