Since we included a survey in the previous release, we've recieved over 175 responses - thank you to everyone that participated! You can view the results of the survey here, and if you haven't filled out the survey yet, there's still time to do so. Some of the suggestions we recieved have already been incorporated in 1.9, and we'll continue to make changes based on your feedback in the next release.

With that in mind, here's what's new in this release:

Improved content blocking

Min has always had the ability to block trackers and ads, helping to speed up your web browsing and making it harder for sites to track you across the web. However, it wasn't always easy to figure out how to enable this option, or to control what would be blocked. Starting in this release, Min will block third-party ads and trackers by default, helping to protect your privacy and making pages load significantly faster. To test this, we loaded a selection of news websites in Min 1.8 and 1.9 with third-party content blocking; on average, enabling content blocking makes sites load 2x faster.

content blocking comparison

If you turned on content blocking in a previous version of Min, all ads and trackers will continue to be blocked, just as they were before. In this release, we've also made the content blocker even faster, and added an option to disable content blocking on certain websites if you choose.

Download manager

Min now includes a way to manage downloads - one of the most-requested features in our recent survey. When you start downloading a file, a bar will appear at the bottom of the window, allowing you to view the progress of a download or cancel it. Once the file is finished downloading, you can open the file directly from Min, or drag-and-drop it to move it to a different location.

download manager

New languages

Many of the new features in this release haven't been translated yet - if you want to update the translations for your language, check out these instructions for details.

Other changes

  • added a menu item to duplicate tabs (by @code-hunger)
  • Improved search: full-text search results are now more accurate, appear more frequently in search results, and take up less storage space.
  • Made it easier to see which tab is selected.
  • Rearranged the view menu to make it easier to access bookmarks and history.
  • Improved reader mode formatting.
  • The reader mode button now appears more quickly while the page is loading.
  • Tabs now extend to the top of the window when it is maximized.
  • Min now uses the same user agent as Chrome for improved site compatibility.
  • Phishing detection has been removed due to low accuracy and a high number of false-positives.
  • Sandboxing is now enabled on Windows and macOS (Linux support coming soon).
  • Upgraded to Electron 4.0.4/Chromium 69.

Bug fixes:

  • Printing an article from reader view now works correctly.
  • Fixed swipe gestures triggering incorrectly when scrolling horizontally.
  • The tab bar now scrolls to show the new tab when opening a tab in the background.
  • Attempting to launch a second instance of Min now switches back to the first instance correctly.
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