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Hive OS Drive Flashing Utility

how it looks like

This is a bulk flashing utility which will help you to do headless and keyboardless migration to Hive of your farm.

You can find prebuild image here

Step by Step Usage Instructions

  • Download hive-flasher image from
  • Download the latest Hive OS image
  • Write hive-flasher.img to your Flash drive with Etcher (
  • After writing the image you will find HIVE-INSTALL disk partition with README.txt and other config files.
  • Unpack Hive OS zip file to flash drive, hive-x.x-xx.img should be there after
  • Use the following FARM_HASH or "RIG_ID autoincrement" to attach rig to your web account


Go to your account on the web and find FARM_HASH value. Edit hive-config.stub/rig-config-example.txt to set FARM_HASH and RIG_PASSWD. The rig will be created on the web after first run with the password specified. RIG_ID will be autoassigned.

Using RIG_ID autoincrement

This method is obsolete and will be discontinued. FARM_HASH is much more convenient.

If you have created rigs sequentially on the web you can set starting RIG_ID in RIG_ID_SEQUENCE.txt file. Or you can use this with a single id as well. This value will be autoincremented after each flashing. You will be prompted to change it before flashing. Setting RIG_PASSWD is still required. FARM_HASH should be left blank.

Flasher Config

There is a file flasher-config.txt with some settings of flasher.

SHUTDOWN_AFTER_FLASHING=1 will shutdown rig after successful image writing.

APPEND_STATIC_IP_TO_NAME=1 If WORKER_NAME is set in rig-config-example.txt and Static IP is configured then IP will be appended to worker's name. So WORKER_NAME is used as a prefix. Let's say WORKER_NAME is set to "rig" then if you have static network the name would become "rig-".

Manual actions

When you want to alter your password you can press Ctrl+C after boot to stop flashing. Or press Esc after the first message. Then maybe Alt+F2 to switch to other Linux terminal. Run mc to find /mnt/hive-install/RIG_PASSWD.txt and edit it. Then you can run /hive-flasher/hive-flasher again.

If hive-flasher has updated in repository you may not reflash the whole image, you can run selfupgrade to grab the latest from repository.

Advanced. Custom flasher system build.

This is just for fun, you don't have to do this

You can make flasher image by yourself with the following steps.

  • Create Ubuntu Server installation to SSD
  • Put these files on disk
  • Run postinst
  • Put the latest Hive image to /mnt/hive-install (you'd better create NTFS partition)
  • Put your starting rig id /mnt/hive-install/RIG_ID_SEQUENCE.txt and password into RIG_PASSWD.txt
  • Boot from this SSD on the rig leaving rig's drive in place
  • After boot the script will detect rig's drive and hive flash image there with and precreate rig.conf
  • ...


Hive OS Drive Flashing Utility






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