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Custom recipes

Registering a custom crafting type (example)

craftguide.register_craft_type("digging", {
	description = "Digging",
	icon = "default_tool_steelpick.png",

Registering a custom crafting recipe (example)

	type   = "digging",
	width  = 1,
	output = "default:cobble 2",
	items  = {"default:stone"},

Recipe filters

Recipe filters can be used to filter the recipes shown to players. Progressive mode is implemented as a recipe filter.

craftguide.add_recipe_filter(name, function(recipes, player))

Adds a recipe filter with the given name. The filter function should return the recipes to be displayed, given the available recipes and an ObjectRef to the user. Each recipe is a table of the form returned by minetest.get_craft_recipe.

Example function to hide recipes for items from a mod called "secretstuff":

craftguide.add_recipe_filter("Hide secretstuff", function(recipes)
	local filtered = {}
	for _, recipe in ipairs(recipes) do
		if recipe.output:sub(1,12) ~= "secretstuff:" then
			filtered[#filtered + 1] = recipe

	return filtered


Removes the recipe filter with the given name.

craftguide.set_recipe_filter(name, function(recipe, player))

Removes all recipe filters and adds a new one.


Returns a map of recipe filters, indexed by name.

Search filters

Search filters are used to perform specific searches inside the search field. They can be used like so: <optional name>+<filter name>=<value1>,<value2>,<...>


  • +groups=cracky,crumbly: search for groups cracky and crumbly in all items.
  • sand+groups=falling_node: search for group falling_node for items which contain sand in their names.


  • If optional name is omitted, the search filter will apply to all items, without pre-filtering.
  • Filters can be combined.
  • The groups filter is currently implemented by default.

craftguide.add_search_filter(name, function(item, values))

Adds a search filter with the given name. The search function should return a boolean value (whether the given item should be listed or not).

Example function to show items which contain at least a recipe of given width(s):

craftguide.add_search_filter("widths", function(item, widths)
	local has_width
	local recipes = recipes_cache[item]

	if recipes then
		for i = 1, #recipes do
			local recipe_width = recipes[i].width
			for j = 1, #widths do
				local width = tonumber(widths[j])
				if width == recipe_width then
					has_width = true

	return has_width


Removes the search filter with the given name.


Returns a map of search filters, indexed by name.

Custom formspec elements

craftguide.add_formspec_element(name, def)

Adds a formspec element to the current formspec. Supported types: box, label, image, button, tooltip, item_image, image_button, item_image_button


craftguide.add_formspec_element("export", {
	type = "button",
	element = function(data)
		-- Should return a table of parameters according to the formspec element type.
		-- Note: for all buttons, the 'name' parameter *must not* be specified!
		if then
			return {
				data.iX - 3.7,   -- X
				sfinv_only and 7.9 or 8, -- Y
				1.6,             -- W
				1,               -- H
				ESC(S("Export")) -- label
	-- Optional.
	action = function(player, data)
		-- When the button is pressed.


Removes the formspec element with the given name.


Returns a map of formspec elements, indexed by name.

Miscellaneous, item, show_usages)

Opens the Crafting Guide with the current filter applied.

  • player_name: string param.
  • item: optional, string param. If set, this item is pre-selected. If the item does not exist or has no recipe, use the player's previous selection. By default, player's previous selection is used
  • show_usages: optional, boolean param. If true, show item usages.


This is the table indexing the item groups by stereotypes. You can add a stereotype like so:

craftguide.group_stereotypes.radioactive = "mod:item"
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