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Letters mod for Minetest
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Letters: A mod for Minetest!

The majority of this code was taken (and altered significantly) from Calinou's Moreblocks mod. It is designed to add letters in all different materials. Code is licensed under the zlib license, textures under the CC BY-SA license.

The Letter Cutter textures use parts of the default wood and tree textures made by Blockmen and Cisoun respectively.

Allowing letters to be made from nodes:

Use this code to allow blocks to have letters registered from them:

letters.register_letters(modname, subname, from_node, description, tiles, def)
  • Modname is the mod that the node belongs to.
  • Subname is the actual name of the node.
  • From_node is the node that the letters will be crafted from (Usually modname:subname).
  • Description is the description of the node.
  • Tiles defines the image that will be used with the node.
  • Def (optional) may contain additional node definition parameters. Some might be overwritten to make the letters look and work as intended.

For example, if I wanted to register marble, from the mod darkage, this is the code I would use:

letters.register_letters("darkage", "marble", "darkage:marble", "Marble", "darkage_marble.png")

Add letters with unifieddye.

		paramtype2 = "colorwallmounted", 
		palette = "unifieddyes_palette_colorwallmounted.png", 
		groups = {
			not_in_creative_inventory = 1,
			not_in_craft_guide = 1, 
			oddly_breakable_by_hand = 1, 
			attached_node = 1, 
			ud_param2_colorable = 1

You will need to add letters as a dependency to your mod, or include the registrations is the code:

if minetest.get_modpath("letters") then
	letters.register_letters("darkage", "marble", "darkage:marble", "Marble", "darkage_marble.png")
	--ect ect...

Most of the default nodes have already been registered, and I have added/will add mods I like, as an optional dependancy.

This mod is fairly stable, and shouldn't crash, but be warned that it is in its early stages of development, and so things may change considerably

Screenshots! Screenshot Another screenshot!

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