A client management/viewer for Microsoft Azure DocumentDB
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Azure DocumentDB Studio

A client management viewer/explorer for Microsoft Azure DocumentDB service.

Currently it supports:
1. Easily browse DocumentDB resources and learn DocumentDB resource model.
2. Support Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) and Query operations for every DocumentDB resources and resource feed.
3. Support SQL/UDF query. Execute Javascript storedprocedure. Execute Trigger.
4. Inspect headers (for quota, usage, RG charge etc) for every request operation. Support three connection mode: TCP, HTTPDirect and Gateway.
5. Support RequestOptions(for pre/post trigger, sessionToken, consistency model etc), FeedOptions(for paging, enableScanforQuery etc), IndexingPolicy (for indexingMode, indexingType, indexingPath etc).
6. PrettyPrint the output JSON.
7. Bulk import the JSON files.

To start:
1. Add your account from File|Add account. You can provision and get your account endpoint and masterkey from https://portal.azure.com
2. You can start navigating the DocumentDB resource model in the left side treeview panel.
3. Right click any resource feed or item for supported CRUD or query or stored procedure operation.
The tool run on Windows.

Future ideas to improve:
1. Richer intellisense support for editor (Syntax highlighting for SQL/Javascript, easy grid based editing for JSON).

I welcome everyone to contribue to this project. Drop me a note (mingaliu@hotmail.com) if you have any question.