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MiniManager for Project MaNGOS
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SQL brunosrc
backup brunosrc
config brunosrc
core brunosrc
doc brunosrc
img brunosrc
include brunosrc
libs Fixed: Ingame Mail now works
pomm brunosrc
.gitignore brunosrc
accounts.php brunosrc
ahstats.php Fix to allow auction items to display, with recent core changes
arenateam.php brunosrc
backup.php brunosrc
banned.php brunosrc
bugreport.php brunosrc
char.php brunosrc
char_achieve.php brunosrc
char_edit.php brunosrc
char_extra.php brunosrc
char_friends.php brunosrc
char_inv.php brunosrc
char_mail.php brunosrc
char_pets.php brunosrc
char_quest.php brunosrc
char_rep.php brunosrc
char_skill.php brunosrc
char_spell.php brunosrc
char_talent.php brunosrc
characters.php brunosrc
cleanup.php brunosrc
command.php brunosrc
creature.php Correct 'include_once' file paths in creature.php
edit.php brunosrc
error.php brunosrc
events.php brunosrc
footer.php brunosrc
forum.html brunosrc
forum.php brunosrc
game_object.php brunosrc
groups.php brunosrc
guild.php brunosrc
guildbank.php brunosrc
header.php brunosrc
honor.php brunosrc
index.php brunosrc
instances.php brunosrc
invite.php brunosrc
irc.php brunosrc
item.php brunosrc
login.php brunosrc
logout.php brunosrc
mail.php Fixed: items are now stackable, when sent by ingame mail
mail_on.php Fixed: Ingame Mail now works
message.php brunosrc
motd.php brunosrc
realm.php brunosrc
register.php brunosrc
repair.php brunosrc
rewards.php brunosrc
run_patch.php brunosrc
ssh.php brunosrc
stat.php brunosrc
tele.php brunosrc
ticket.php brunosrc
top100.php brunosrc
verify.php brunosrc
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