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Minishift Add-ons

This repository contains add-ons contributed by the Minishift community.

We hope that by sharing these add-ons, folks in the community will be able to make the most out of their Minishift environment. Community add-ons are tested and supported by the community.


Minishift add-ons are extensions, or plug-ins, that customize the default OpenShift cluster configuration and behavior. For example, you can use the anyuid add-on to allow authenticated users to run images without a pre-allocated UID, or the registry-route add-on to expose the OpenShift registry as a route.

Minishift includes several default add-ons, which are installed automatically when you first start Minishift. These add-ons are tested and supported by the Minishift core team. You can also write your own custom add-ons that use any of the supported add-on commands.

Share your add-ons with the community

You are invited to share your add-ons with the Minishift community by submitting them to this repository. To submit your add-on, follow the contribution guidelines to open a new issue and submit a pull request.

Community add-ons are not officially supported by the Minishift core team, although the core developers do their best to help out when reviewing and merging new add-ons to this repository. The community is encouraged to help contributors by testing and improving these add-ons.

Download and use community add-ons

To use any of the add-ons from this repository in your Minishift environment:

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine.

  2. Install the add-on that you want to use by running the following command:

    $ minishift addons install <path_to_addon>
  3. Choose whether to apply the add-on to a running Minishift VM or enable the add-on to start each time that Minishift starts.

    • To apply the add-on once to a running Minishift VM, run the following command:

      $ minishift addons apply <addon-name>
    • To enable the add-on to start each time that Minishift starts, run the following command:

      $ minishift addons enable <addon-name>

For more information about enabling, disabling, and applying add-ons, see the Add-ons topic in the Minishift documentation.

CI Setup

minishift-addons uses CentOS CI as CI build server. A pull request build job will be triggered for every pull request. However, the build job runs the integration tests only when the pull request contains any change related to add-on. Also, a nightly job runs daily at midnight. It execute all available add-on integration tests against the master branch of the minishift-addons GitHub repository with CentOS ISO.

Contact the Minishift community

Minishift is an open-source project dedicated to developing and supporting Minishift. Contributions, questions, and comments are all welcomed and encouraged!

You can reach the Minishift community by: