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Cloud Platform user guide

This repository holds the website and documentation for the Cloud Platform user guide.

This repository utilises the Ministry of Justice's template-documentation-site.

Want to give feedback on the documentation? Open an issue on this repository.

Running locally

You can run this website locally by running:

make preview

You can then browse to https://localhost:4567 to view the website.

Updating documentation

You can update the documentation by editing any of the * files in the source directory.

The syntax used in * is Markdown, though it also supports some GOV.UK Design System specifics, as listed on Tech Docs Template - Write your content.

Publishing changes

Any changes that are merged into the main branch will be published automatically through the publish.yml GitHub action.

This website is hosted on GitHub Pages.

Configuring the website

Global configuration

The GOV.UK Tech Docs Template global configuration options can be used in this repository to configure the Cloud Platform user guide.

Structuring documentation and page configuration

The GOV.UK Tech Docs Template "Configure your documentation project" offers a range of guidance regarding configuration options to help structure documentation and configure pages separately.