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Ocaml matrix

This project's goal is to have a server for the protocole matrix. Please, be aware that it is a WIP

It is separated in several parts:

  • json_encoding is a library used for the encoding of the endpoints in ocaml types. It heavily relies on the codebase of ocp-json-typed and should therefore be reworked in the near future
  • lib contains three libraries:
    • matrix_ctos which is the encoding of the client to server endpoints (mostly done)
    • matrix_ctos which is the encoding of the client to server endpoints (mostly done, if not totally)
    • matrix_stos which is the encoding of the server to server endpoints (mostly done)

CI client

This new part of the project which will be most likely separated in another project in a close future is supposed to be a client for the ocaml CI:

It's goal is to be launched by the OCaml CI once a commit has been pushed to the project: It will then connect to the matrix server as a pre-registered client.

It then fetches all the room he is currently in and notices them that a new commit was pushed with a message before disconnecting itself.

CI server

The ci-server folder contains another implementation of the protocol, this time of a minimalist server. Keep in mind that the server is a WIP, however it already supports the basics of a real server:

  • For the client API, the various behaviors are supported:
    • login/logout
    • fetching of the available public rooms
    • room creation
    • reception of new state events and messages

All of the other endpoints are mostly disabled because the server was firstly designed to be used by the CI client which does not need any other endpoints.

Indeed this server is not ment to be used by regular users, only the CI client should be used as it disables most of the endpoints and really regulates the autorizations of the users inside it's rooms. Foreign users should use the federation in order to get an access to the rooms of this server.

  • On the federation side, we implemented:
    • server key related endpoints such as fetching the public key of the server for authentication purposes.
    • fetching of the available public rooms
    • joining and leaving public rooms
    • backfilling of room's history
    • authentication of requests from foreign servers
    • updates to the foreign servers when updates are made to rooms

Those endpoints and mechanisms are enough to get a functionnal server trough the federation. Some endpoints have been "softly" disabled (we answer with regular errors) as some of them would always be forbidden anyway to any federation users.

Quick Start

ocaml-matrix is not released yet, but you can set it up using the following commands:

# Install OPAM if not available already
$ sh <(curl -sL
$ opam init
# Install DUNE if not available either
$ opam install dune.2.8.0
# Clone ocaml-matrix and install it's dependencies
$ git clone
$ cd ocaml-matrix
$ opam install . -y --deps-only

You can install the libraries themselves using opam install . -y directly without the --deps-only flag.

Server setup

Before running the server, you will need an ed25519 key. You can generate such a key with the following command: openssl genpkey -algorithm Ed25519 -out [key_path]

Simply replace:

  • key_path with the future path to your ed25519 key pem file.

You will also need a store for your server database. Simply create a folder where you want the store to be, run git init and create a commit. It is now ready.

If you want to feed a user to the store however, which would be used by a client, you will have to run the matrix-ci-server-setup command: dune exec -- matrix-ci-server-setup user [store_path] [username] [password]

Simply replace:

  • store_path with the path to your server store. This path is by default set to /tmp/ocaml-matrix
  • username with the name of your user.
  • password with the user password, it will be hashed and salted using the blake2b hash function.

Launching the server

dune exec -- matrix-ci-server-bin [server_name] [key_name],[key_path] --store_path=[store_path]

Simply replace:

  • server_name with the name of your server, it should be same that is defined in your dns entries.
  • key_name with the name given to your ed25519 key. It is use by the protocol in case a server would use several keys at a time (or renew it's keys).
  • key_path with the path to your ed25519 key pem file.
  • store_path with the path to your server store. This path is by default set to /tmp/ocaml-matrix

About the implementation

See here.

State of the art

See here.


ocaml-matrix has received funding from the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) within the framework of the DAPSI Project.


Implementation of a matrix server in OCaml for MirageOS






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