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A library written in Mirah for google appengine's datastore

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Mirah Model

Mirah Model is a Mirah ORM library for using AppEngine's datastore. It is inspired by ActiveRecord and DataMapper--particularly DataMapper. It's used by Dubious, a Rails-ish web framework.

Code Examples

If you are familar with DataMapper's property methods this should look pretty familiar. You can define properties using #property, passing the property name and a type.


class Shout < Model
  property 'title', String
  property 'body',  Text

You can set instances by updating their attrs individually,

shout =
shout.title = 'foo'
shout.body  = 'bar'

or by using the update method and passing a hash

shout = title: 'foo', body: 'bar'


Requires Mirah 0.0.6(unreleased) to compile

You can build the jar by running:

rake jar

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