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Companion to the Shimari Go platform. Modifies OGS with discipline helpers and UX features.


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Shimari Extension

A Chrome Extension for Go training. Extends the Shimari platform to modify your OGS experience.


  • Discipline helpers: Blocks you from starting a new game unless you've:
  • Gameover effects: More visually stunning wins and losses. Great for streamers!
  • Adds mousewheel scrolling on games


After installation, this extension will automatically provide OGS with the above features if you're logged into Shimari in your browser session. Enable or disable specific features in your Shimari settings.


  • Download or clone this repo
  • Open your Chrome Extensions panel and turn on Developer Mode
  • Click "Load Unpacked" and select the downloaded shimari-extension folder.

Issues & Contributions

To report a bug or request a new feature, please open an Issue or Pull Request. Thanks!


If you enjoy this extension, please consider a Mirth Turtle Membership or burning some Raccooncoin. If you use it on stream, a shoutout is always appreciated.