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Live Histogram

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A command line tool to show a real-time histogram of a data stream.


The tool reads lines from the stdin. Every line is considered a symbol.


python3 -c 'import random; [print(random.choice("ACABACAAABAABC")) for x in range(10000)]' | livehist

Sample output:

5595 :: A
2210 :: B
2195 :: C


Parameter Description
--separator=SEPERATOR / -s SEPERATOR Set the seperator between symbol and count (default: " :: ")
--number=NUMBER / -n NUMBER Display only top NUMBER entries (default: all)
--no-clear / -c Disable screen clear
--reverse / -r Short ascending
--percent / -p Show frequency as percentage
--draw / -d Draw bar for visualization
--interval=SECONDS / -i SECONDS Refresh interval (default: 0)
--switch / -x Show count first, then value
--help / -h Show the help
--outfile=FILE / -o FILE Output latest histogram to file FILE.
--atomic / -a On Ctrl+C, application finishes printing the histogram.

Install using PPA (recommended)

First, add the public key of the PPA and the PPA URL to the package manager, and update the package manager

curl -s "" | sudo apt-key add -
sudo curl -s -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/misc0110.list ""
sudo apt update

Then, simply install LiveTikZ

sudo apt install livehist


There are no dependencies on third-party libraries. To compile, simply run



After building, simply run

sudo make install

The binary (livehist) is installed to /usr/bin/livehist. Run sudo make uninstall to remove the application.