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Our Android App "TU Graz Raumsuche" provides a search functionality to find and locate all kind of rooms on the TU Graz Campus. Through an simple designed main-screen or a intuitive search-function, it is easy to find a specific room knowing only his name or room number. The app provides all available data for a room. Thanks to Android's expandability it is also possible to view the location of a given room on a map of your choice, for example Google Map, or even use a navigation app to navigate to the room. In addition, the app enables the possibility to find a specific room by clicking on the location-tag in an calendar event synced from sourced like TUGonline.

Once connected to the internet, it is possible to use the app offline.

The room-data is provided by TU Graz' ZID on a daily basis.

Hypothetical it would be possible to use this app with any other installation of the CampusOnline? system with just minor changes (given that the same room-information-module is used).