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kcm_touchpad - KControl module to configure "synaptics" driver-based
touchpads under GNU/Linux. Version 0.1.0 based on libsynaptics, since 0.2.0
switched backend to Xinput.
* "xorg-input-synaptics" driver (version above 0.14.3)
* libsynaptics and SHM option turned on (only with version 0.1.0)
* Xinput extension (version 0.2.0+)
* KDE4
All you need to do is:
* Unpack the tarball
* Change current directory to the unpacked one
* do "mkdir build"
* do "cd build"
* run "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` .."
* run "make" following by "make install" with superuser rights
Just change current directory to KCM_TOUCHPAD_DIR/build where
KCM_TOUCHPAD_DIR is unpacked directory out of installation
process and run "make uninstall" with superuser rights.