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RDocodile and Consolidation of Efforts #32

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I recently put together RDocodile, RDoc Beautification Project. Maybe you've had a chance to look at it? I see that Hanna hasn't received any maintenance in quite some time. What do you think of bringing Hanna over to the RDocodile organization? The transition could serve to bring Hanna up to date and conversely help improve RDoc+ (the backbone of the RDocodile formats), and most importantly generally bolster RDoc development via a consolidation of efforts.

I don't have a lot of time to work on the project these days myself and I don't expect others to have much time either. I got to where all the current projects worked pretty well, and I am satisfied with most of the formats. But there are still plenty of improvements and innovations to be had. So I am hoping to get others who are involved in RDoc development to come together and contribute just a little to the project(s), bring their projects into the fold, and so forth, thus as a group we can continue to move RDoc forward.

I plan to contact Eric Hodel as well as others with RDoc-related projects to see if they too would take some interest. You are the first person I've contacted on the matter b/c Hanna is probably the most recognized and certainly one of best alternative RDoc template out there.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. If you'd prefer to discuss outside Hanna's issue board, feel free to delete this post and drop me a private message. Thanks.


Ah, ok. Thanks.

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