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Unofficial Instagram API

This site documents Instagram's unofficial API used by their iPhone app. This is not what you want to use if you're creating Instagram apps. Instead, visit their official API site.

What you need to know

  • All requests have to contain "Instagram" in the user-agent header
  • Most requests need to contain session cookies after authentication, with the exception of few resources listed below
  • All responses are in JSON format


  • Users — user info, search, Addressbook/Twitter friends lookup
  • Media — permalink, like, post comment, upload media
  • Timelines — main timeline, popular items, single user's items
  • Searching — search tags, tag info, find by tag
  • Friendships — followers stats, list of following/followers
  • Activity — personal updates
  • Account — update personal info, privacy settings
  • Authentication

Note: recurring representations of users and media items are truncated in sample responses; their format is documented in Users and Media, respectively.

Specific resources not requiring authentication:

  • User info
  • Popular timeline
  • Single user's items
  • Searching tags / search by tag

Client libraries

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