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Windows command line input/output tools, for text based games/utils
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Windows command line input/output tools, for text based games/utils by Mikael Sollenborn (2015-2016)

Sorry about the current lack of documentation; have a look at the example files and all will be (kind of) clear...

Notable examples: L/Listb(file manager), Editor, Freecell, Solitaire, Flappy, Snake, Yahtzee, World, Bigscroll3, Blocks6


Usage: gotoxy x(1) y(1) [text|file.gxy] [fgcol(2)] [bgcol(2)] [flags(3)] [wrapxpos]

Cols: 0=Black 1=Blue 2=Green 3=Aqua 4=Red 5=Purple 6=Yellow 7=LGray
      8=Gray 9=LBlue 10=LGreen 11=LAqua 12=LRed 13=LPurple 14=LYellow 15=White

[text] supports control codes:
    \px;y;: cursor position x y (1)
       \xx: fgcol and bgcol in hex, eg \A0 (4)
        \r: restore old color
      \gxx: ascii character in hex
   \TxxXXm: set character xx with col XX as transparent with mode m (5)
        \n: newline
      \Nxx: fill screen with hex character xx
        \-: skip character (transparent)
        \\: print \
        \G: print existing character at position
  \I:file;: insert contents of file
      \wx;: delay x ms
      \Wx;: delay up to x ms
        \K: wait for key press; last key value is returned
        \R: read/refresh buffer for v/V/Z/z/Y/X/\G (faster but not updated)
\ox;y;w;h;: copy/write to offscreen buffer, copy back at end or next \o
\Ox;y;w;h;: clear/write to offscreen buffer, copy back at end or next \O
   \\Mx{T}: repeat T x times (only if 'x' flag set). Use \} to produce } for next run
\Sx;y;w;h;: set active scroll zone (only if 's' flag set)
(1)   Use 'k' to keep current. Precede with '+' or '/' to move from current position
(2)   Use 'u/U' for console fgcol/bgcol, 'v/V' to use existing fgcol/bgcol at current
      position. 'x/y/z/q' and 'X/Y/Z/Q' to xor/and/or/add with fgcol/bgcol at current
      position. Precede with '-' to force color and ignore color codes in [text]
(3)   One or more of: 'r/c/C' to restore/follow/visibly-follow cursor position,
      'w/W/z' to wrap/wordwrap/wrap-0 text, 'i' to ignore all control codes,
      's' to enable vertical scrolling, 'x' to enable support for expressions,
      'n' to ignore newline characters, 'k' to check for key press(es) and return last
      key value
(4)   Same as (2) for both values, but '-' to force is not supported. In addition, use
      'k' to keep current color, 'H/h' to start/stop forcing current color, '+' for
      next color, '/' for previous color
(5)   Use 'k' to ignore color, 'u/U' for console fgcol/bgcol. Mode 0 skips characters,
      (same as \-), mode 1 writes them back (faster if using \R)


Separate executable due to lower speed. There are currently two extensions:

1. Control code \k[:xx..;]: check for key xx, yy etc, don't wait; return keystate(s)

2. Correctly prints extended ascii characters as input when written as-is


CmdWiz (Unicode) v1.2 : Mikael Sollenborn 2015-2018
With contributions from Steffen Ilhardt and Carlos Montiers Aguilera

Usage: cmdwiz [getconsoledim setbuffersize getconsolecolor getch getkeystate
               flushkeys getquickedit setquickedit getmouse getch_or_mouse
               getch_and_mouse getcharat getcolorat showcursor getcursorpos
               setcursorpos print saveblock copyblock moveblock inspectblock
               playsound delay stringfind stringlen gettime await getexetype
               cache setwindowtransparency getwindowbounds setwindowpos
               setwindowsize getdisplaydim getmousecursorpos setmousecursorpos
               showmousecursor insertbmp savefont setfont gettitle getwindowstyle
               setwindowstyle gxyinfo getpalette setpalette fullscreen
               showwindow sendkey windowlist] [params]
Use \"cmdwiz operation /?\" for info on arguments and return values\n
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