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Mission Pinball

Open Source Pinball Software

Mission Pinball, home of MPF

Let's build a pinball machine!


  1. Organizational repo for Mission Pinball. Holds the discussions, the overall readme docs, etc.


  2. mpf Public

    Mission Pinball Framework: Open source software to run a real pinball machine.

    Python 175 125

  3. mpf-mc Public

    The Mission Pinball Framework Media Controller. Controls graphics, sounds, DMDs, and LCD displays in MPF.

    Python 18 43

  4. mpf-monitor Public

    Graphical utilty which connects to MPF to let you visually control, troubleshoot, and see the status of the machine

    Python 9 10

  5. mpf-docs Public

    User documentation for the Mission Pinball Framework.

    Python 17 93

  6. Mission Pinball Framework Examples (sample games, demos, and tutorial files)

    Python 8 11


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