Collection of models for reactor physics benchmarks
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Reactor Physics Benchmark Models

This repository contains a collection of benchmark models for the OpenMC and other Monte Carlo particle transport codes. The following benchmark models are currently available:

Benchmark for Doppler reactivity defect by Russell Mosteller. Described in LA-UR-06-2968.
Problems from the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments.
Simple pin-cell model to test S(a,b) treatment in Monte Carlo codes. See INDC(USA)-107.
The Monte Carlo Performance Benchmark originally proposed by J. Eduard Hoogenboom and William Martin.
A BOL model of a Optimized Power Reactor 1000 (OPR1000) from South Korea. See Lee M.J. et al., "Monte Carlo Reactor Calculation with Substantially Reduced Number of Cycles", Proceedings of PHYSOR 2012, Knoxville, TN (2012).
The OECD/NEA Source Convergence Benchmarks which include a checkerboard storage of assemblies, a pincell array with irradiated fuel, three thick one-dimensional slabs, and an array of interacting spheres.
The OECD/NEA C5G7 Benchmarks which include multi-group benchmarks typically for deterministic transport problems. This set includes a pincell, the 2D 2x2 UO2 and MOX assembly array, and a 3D version of the 2x2 UO2 and MOX assembly array. This set also includes the additional set of problems from the OECD/NEA C5G7_3D Benchmark extension,
The suite of multi-group eigenvalue benchmarks from the Analytical Benchmark Test Set for Criticality Code Verification paper by A. Sood, R. A. Foster, and D. K. Parsons.