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A work-in-progress language and compiler for verified low-level programming
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A work-in-progress language and compiler for verified low-level programming

This repository containts ongoing work on a low-level systems programming language. One piece of the puzzle is a verified compiler targeting RISC-V. The source language itself is also equipped with a simple program logic for proving correctness of the source programs. It is not ready yet, at least for most uses.

This project has similar goals as bedrock, but uses a different design. No code is shared between bedrock and bedrock2.

Current Features

The source language is a "C-like" language called ExprImp. It is an imperative language with expressions. Currently, the only data type is word (32-bit or 64-bit), and the memory is an array of bytes. "Records" are supported as a notation for memory access with an offset.

Work-in-progress features

The following features will be added soon:

  • Register allocation (spilling if more local variables are needed than registers are available)


It is a design decision to not support the following features:

  • Function pointers

Build Build Status

You'll need Coq, version 8.10 or master.

In case you didn't clone with --recursive, use make clone_all to clone the git submodules.

Then simply run make or make -j or make -jN where N is the number of cores to use. This will invoke the Makefiles of each subproject in the correct order, and also pass the -j switch to the recursive make.

Compilation Overview (as of May 29, 2018)

The source language (ExprImp) is compiled to FlatImp, which has no expressions, ie. all expressions have to be flattened into one-operation-at-a-time style assignments. FlatImp is compiled to RISC-V (the target language).

Main correctness theorems:

  • flattenStmt_correct_aux in FlattenExpr.v
  • compile_stmt_correct_aux in FlatToRiscv.v
  • exprImp2Riscv_correct in Pipeline.v combining the two
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