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Kami: A Platform for High-Level Parametric Hardware Specification and Its Modular Verification

Directory content

  • ./: Contains the source code for syntax, semantics, theorems/properties and proof automation for Kami.
  • Lib: Contains the generic library files that we developed for Kami, extending the standard Coq library, e.g. bit-vectors, decidable finite maps with strings as keys, etc.
  • Ex: Contains basic examples and tutorials.
  • Ext: Files needed to extract designs developed in Kami into Bluespec
    • Ocaml: Contains the files to pretty-print the OCaml code extracted from Coq.


To Verify Kami modules

  • Coq 8.12.x with $PATH containing the standard Coq binaries

To Generate Bluespec programs

  • OCaml 4.0.4 (with $PATH containing the standard OCaml binaries)
  • Batteries Library for OCaml (2.5.2)

To Run Bluespec code (i.e. simulation)

To Run Bluespec code on FPGAs

  • Vivado 2015.4 (with $PATH containing the Bluespec binaries)
  • Xilinx Virtex-7 VC707 Evaluation Kit FPGA