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Welcome to the whoisit-android wiki!

How does the app work?

We attach to the onCallStateChanged event provided by the Android System. If the incoming phone number matches an entry you've saved as part of a group, we'll play the ringtone attached to the group. The way we do this:

  • Receive Incoming call
  • If incoming number is in your contacts list and has a custom ringtone, we play that instead!
  • If no custom ringtone, we continue checking for a match
  • If match found, we'll play ringtone associated with the Phone Group you've configured
  • If no match, we end execution and let Android handle ringtone audio

If we found a match, we actually mute the Ringer audio stream, and use the Alarm audio stream to play the ringtone on repeat. Once the call has ended, we reset the ringer audio stream & alarm audio stream back to their original volume levels and phone resumes normal operation.

For tips on using the app, see the following guides:

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