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The Nano Tip Bot allows users to send the Nano cryptocurrency to users using only their Twitter handle.


DM Commands: The below commands are handled through sending a DM to @NanoTipBot.

!help: The tip bot will respond to your DM with a list of commands and their functions. If you forget something, use this to get a hint of how to do it!
!register: The tip bot will create an account, or validate the account that is currently tied to your Twitter user name. This will return a message containing your account number.
!balance: Returns the current balance of your account.
!account: Returns the account number tied to your Twitter user name.
!withdraw: Withdraws the balance of your tip account to a specified Nano account. Example: !withdraw xrb_jbfiai39thisxaispaotafakebasaccount will withdraw to account xrb_jbfiai39thisxaispaotafakebasaccount
!donate: Donates a specified amount from your tip account to the developer. Example: !donate 1 will donate 1 NANO to the Tip Bot developer. Thanks for your generosity!

Tweet Commands: Tips are sent through public tweets or retweets. These are processed in real time.

!tip: Send a tip of a specified amount to a user on Twitter. Example: !tip 1.01 @mitche50 will send a 1.01 NANO tip to user @mitche50.