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shared folder problem #351

till opened this Issue May 04, 2011 · 16 comments

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Till! Mitchell Hashimoto Mark Jaquith Paulus Esterhazy Spencer Deinum
till commented May 04, 2011

We've run into weird inconsistency issues with shared folders.

This is the configuration in Vagrantfile:

config.vm.share_folder("v-data", "/vagrant_data", "~/project")

When I edit a file on the share -- either by vagrant ssh into the VM and editing directly, or on the host system -- I can see the change done to a file when I cat foo, etc.. However, it gets tricky when this file is a static asset served by nginx. So no matter what I do, the state of the file is not refreshed and the content delivered is the same as when I started the VM (vagrant up). To refresh the file I have to either rename it permanently, or vagrant destroy && vagrant up.

My nginx configuration is pretty generic. The reason why I rule out nginx is, that I ran into someone with the same issue, and he's using a share_folder in Vagrant as well.

I found this issue in 0.6.9 and also 0.7.3.

Supposedly this works better when an NFS export is used. I'm testing this next.

Mitchell Hashimoto

This same thing has happened to me. OH GOD, this is so frustrating.

I'm going to ask a co-worker how we fixed this tomorrow (if we even did). This was so dumb.

till commented May 12, 2011

We fixed it using NFS.

On Ubuntu: aptitude install nfs-common

This has to be done both on the host and in your box. Since you can't do it via provisioning, you may have to re-package the box.

till commented May 20, 2011

@mitchellh Any idea yet?

Mitchell Hashimoto


Yes, this has been solved. This is due to a bug/issue with the sendfile syscall that servers typically use to serve static files. The easiest thing to do is add this configuration option to Apache:

EnableSendfile Off

Or if you use nginx:

sendfile off;


Mitchell Hashimoto mitchellh closed this June 09, 2011
till commented June 10, 2011

Ah, is this solvable in vagrant too, or is this something virtualbox has to fix?

Mitchell Hashimoto

This is something VirtualBox has to fix, unfortunately. For now, please use the proper configuration option for your servers.

till commented June 13, 2011

Ok, just wanted to be sure.

Sorry to keep asking questions, but any idea if they are tracking this?

Mitchell Hashimoto


I wasn't able to find any tickets...


till commented June 13, 2011

Adding a link for completeness:

Mark Jaquith

I lost a ████ing hour and a half to this nonsense. Any thoughts on how this could be automatically detected? A scan of /etc/nginx.conf for sendfile on; (and the same for Apache), resulting in a warning on vagrant up?

Mitchell Hashimoto

I'd be a bit worried that Vagrant scanning nginx or apache configs would be doing too much. There are various ways that this could surface, and it really is up to VirtualBox to fix this issue. I realize it is frustrating (I too spent hours until I stumbled upon the answer), but I think that adding this to Vagrant would not be correct.

Mitchell Hashimoto

I think the shared folder documentation would be a good place to put a warning. The docs are open source in the docs branch if you'd like to make a pull request, otherwise I can add it when I can get to it.

Paulus Esterhazy

The bug in VirtualBox still seems to be present, but in the new documentation for synced_folders the note about sendfile seems to have been dropped.

Spencer Deinum

@mitchellh Would it be possible to put a blurb about this in the new docs? I noticed it is in the v1 documentation but missing from the new docs.

Just spent a few hours banging my head against the wall here as well.

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