The OpenSource basic documents module for DNN/Evoq. (Moved from CodePlex)
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DotNetNuke Documents Module

A simple document management module for DotNetNuke & Evoq. This module has been maintained from very early versions of DotNetNuke and migrated from CodePlex.

Minimum DNN Versions

The current release of the DNN Documents module requires DNN 7.0.0 and later and .NET 4.0. This release can be installed on any DNN Version from 7.0.0 to 9.2.x and later. This release contains major fixes required for the 9.2.x release.

DNN Upgrade Considerations

Due to the major API changes that was included as part of the DNN 9.2.0 release, it is recommended that you upgrade the DNN Documents module to 7.0.0 BEFORE upgrading your website to DNN/Evoq 9.2.0, this will ensure that you do not encounter any upgrade errors related to this module.

Get Involved

Recent releases were completed to maintain high-level functionality within the module. However, this module needs deeper attention. If you would like to help this project we strongly encourage Pull Requests and will promptly process any pull request with stable feature enhancements that meet the Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) mantra that has been part of this module.

If you have any questions, or would like to get approval prior to working on a Pull Request please don't hesitate to contact me directly at