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ESM 6.9.1 Docker Image

This provides ArcSight ESM 6.9.1 in a docker container. Because ESM is not open source, this repository cannot include the binaries or license from HP. See instructions below for info on how to build and use this container.

Everything assumes the hostname is docker-esm; To change the hostname you'll need to edit a few of the provided answers files, and replace all "docker-esm" instances with your desired hostname.

How to build

Note that the installation requires at least 50Gb of storage free. Ensure that your build environment has enough space. It isn't actually used, however the installer verifies and will fail if <50G is free.

Additionally this has to be built in two layers, as the arcsight installer can't find the firstboot answers file. The only way I can get this to work is to split into two.

  1. Copy the ESM 6.9.1 binary from HP into midlayer/ArcSightESMSuite-
  2. Copy your license file into the midlayer/arcsight.lic
  3. Run "docker build -t midlayer ." in the midlayer folder
  4. Run "docker build -t mitchese/private:esm691 ." in the finallayer folder

How to run

  1. Run the following command: docker run -ti --name docker-esm -h docker-esm -p 8443:8443 mitchese/private:esm691

This will take a few minutes to startup (requires >4G of ram). After it is running, you can connect to https://docker-esm:8443/ with "admin" and "Happy123". All passwords in the container are set to my test password, Happy123.

How to connect connectors

For testing connector containers, you can provide a link in docker. Example

docker run --link docker-esm:docker-esm -ti mitchese/private:connector bash


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